About Photography by Dorothy Kozlowski

Hello, and thanks for visiting my page!

I am a photographer based out of the amazingly awesome, eclectic Athens, Georgia. 

I stumbled into photography via a curiosity and fascination with everything around me. (And probably from the inability to focus on one thing for too long...) My first job out of college didn't quite satiate that curiosity, and I hastily (but un-regrettably) made the decision to go back to school for photojournalism in 2008, and haven't turned back.

Story-telling through visuals is what drives my passion and my work. 

I've always been an athlete, an animal lover, and an artist. 

I refuse to take life too seriously. 

I'm mesmerized with nature, the way light reflects off of anything, emotions, colors...the world offers so much beauty, and one of the biggest thrills for me is being able to share how I see these things. Every shoot is an adventure! 

I am lucky enough to be employed as a full-time photographer at the University of Georgia, where I get to blend my photojournalistic training with my artistic eye. 

When not behind a camera, I hope to be somewhere in nature, exploring a new place, in the company of critters, or in the company of people who enjoy being upside-down. (even better if we happen to end up on a dance floor :) ).

I'm available for fitness and sports events, family, engagement, weddings, boudoir, travel, and portraits (for both the two-legged and four-legged variety :) )

I admittedly suck at social media. I'm trying to be better. Follow me on Instagram (@dkozphoto) for a mix of daily life randomness, pictures of my dogs, and occasionally a "real" photo!

Also, I am totally down for collaborative projects. Got a cool idea? Let's play with it!

Published in: 

Georgia Magazine and numerous UGA-related publications and Web sites
Athens Banner-Herald
Yoga Journal (Germany)
Ocean Conservancy
The Birmingham Times
Oconee Enterprise
Albany Herald
Turf Magazine
Flagpole Magazine
Environmental New Network
Tech Xplore
The Wildlife Society

...and numerous others!